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Table of elegant commands and their functions

Table 1: Table of elegant commands and their functions.
Command name Type Description
alter_elements action Change an element parameter from the command file.
amplification_factors action Compute orbit amplification functions.
analyze_map major action Determine first-order matrix from tracking.
aperture_data setup Define aperture using an SDDS file.
bunched_beam setup Set up beam generation.
change_particle action Change the type of particle. Default is electron.
chromaticity setup Correct the chromaticity.
closed_orbit setup Compute the closed orbit.
correct setup Correct the orbit or trajectory.
correction_matrix_output action/setup Obtain orbit/trajectory correction matrix in a file.
correct_tunes setup Correct the tunes.
coupled_twiss_output setup/action Compute and output coupled twiss parameters.
divide_elements setup Specify division of elements into pieces.
error_element setup Define errors for a set of elements.
error_control setup Set up and control error generation process.
find_aperture setup/major action Determine the transverse (e.g., dynamic) aperture.
floor_coordinates action Compute and output floor coordinates.
frequency_map major action Compute and output frequency map.
global_settings action Change global settings.
insert_elements action Insert elements into the lattice at many places.
insert_sceffects action Insert space charge kick elements.
linear_chromatic_tracking_setup setup Set up for fast tracking with chromatic effects.
link_control setup Control linking of element parameters.
link_elements setup Define link between parameters of two elements.
load_parameters setup/action Load element parameters from SDDS file.
matrix_output setup/action Output transfer matrix along beamline.
modulate_elements setup Set up time-dependent modulation of elements.
moments_output setup/action Compute coupled beam moments, with radiation option.
momentum_aperture major action Determine s-dependent momentum aperture.
optimize major action Execute an optimization.
optimization_covariable setup Define a dependent parameter for optimization.
optimization_setup setup Perform initial optimization setup.
optimization_term setup Define a term of penalty function.
optimization_variable setup Define an optimization variable.
parallel_optimization_setup setup Perform initial parallel optimization setup.
print_dictionary action Print the element dictionary.
ramp_elements setup Set up turn-by-turn ramping of elements.
rf_setup setup/action Set up RF cavity elements for storage rings.
rpn_expression action Execute an expression in the rpn interpreter.
rpn_load action Load values from SDDS file into rpn interpreter.
run_control setup Set up simulation steps and passes.
run_setup setup Define global simulation parameters and output files.
sasefel setup/action Evaluate SASE FEL gain etc.
save_lattice action Save new lattice file.
sdds_beam setup Define loading of particles from SDDS file.
semaphores setup Define file semaphores for start/end of run.
slice_analysis setup Perform slice analysis along beamline.
subprocess action Execute a command in the shell.
steering_element setup Define element parameters as steering correctors.
transmute_elements setup Transmute elements from one type to another.
tune_footprint setup/action Compute and optimize chromatic and amplitude tune footprints.
twiss_analysis setup Define subset of beamline for twiss parameter analysis.
twiss_output setup/action Set up twiss parameter and related computation.
track major action Execute tracking of particles and other operations.
tune_shift_with_amplitude setup Compute tune shifts with amplitude.
vary_element setup Vary element parameters in loops.

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