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A numerically-integrated first-space-harmonic traveling-wave linear accelerator.
Parallel capable? : yes
Parameter Name Units Type Default Description
L $M$ double 0.0 length
FREQUENCY $HZ$ double 2856000000 frequency
PHASE $RAD$ double 0.0 phase
TIME_OFFSET $S$ double 0.0 time offset (adds to phase)
EZ $V/M$ double 0.0 electric field
B_SOLENOID $T$ double 0.0 solenoid field
ACCURACY   double 0.0001 integration accuracy
X_MAX $M$ double 0.0 x half-aperture
Y_MAX $M$ double 0.0 y half-aperture
DX $M$ double 0.0 misalignment
DY $M$ double 0.0 misalignment
BETA_WAVE   double 1 (phase velocity)/c
ALPHA $1/M$ double 0.0 field attenuation factor
PHASE_REFERENCE   long 0 phase reference number (to link with other time-dependent elements)
N_STEPS   long 100 number of steps (for nonadaptive integration)
FOCUSSING   long 1 include focusing effects?
METHOD   STRING runge-kutta integration method (runge-kutta, bulirsch-stoer, non-adaptive runge-kutta, modified midpoint)
FIDUCIAL   STRING t,median {t$\vert$p},{median$\vert$min$\vert$max$\vert$ave$\vert$first$\vert$light} (e.g., "t,median")
CHANGE_P0   long 0 does element change central momentum?
SUM_BN2   double 0.0 sum of squares of amplitudes of n!=0 space harmonics
GROUP   string NULL Optionally used to assign an element to a group, with a user-defined name. Group names will appear in the parameter output file in the column ElementGroup

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Robert Soliday 2014-06-26