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A thin kick element with polynomial dependence on the coordinates in one plane.
Parallel capable? : yes
Parameter Name Units Type Default Description
COEFFICIENT $M^{-ORDER}$ double 0.0 coefficient of polynomial
TILT $RAD$ double 0.0 rotation about longitudinal axis
DX $M$ double 0.0 misalignment
DY $M$ double 0.0 misalignment
DZ $M$ double 0.0 misalignment
FACTOR   double 1 additional factor to apply
ORDER   long 0 order of polynomial
PLANE   STRING x plane to kick (x, y)
GROUP   string NULL Optionally used to assign an element to a group, with a user-defined name. Group names will appear in the parameter output file in the column ElementGroup

Robert Soliday 2014-06-26