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An element to establish the total charge of a beam. Active on first pass only. If given, overrides all charge specifications on other elements.
Parallel capable? : yes
Parameter Name Units Type Default Description
TOTAL $C$ double 0.0 total charge in beam
PER_PARTICLE $C$ double 0.0 charge per macroparticle
GROUP   string NULL Optionally used to assign an element to a group, with a user-defined name. Group names will appear in the parameter output file in the column ElementGroup

This is the preferred way to assign charge to a beam, which is needed for the use of CSR simulation (CSRCSBEND, CSRDRIFT), wake simulation (WAKE, TRWAKE, LRWAKE, ZLONGIT, ZTRANSVERSE), rf mode simulation (RFMODE, TRFMODE, FRFMODE, RTRFMODE), space charge simulation (LSCDRIFT, RFCW, SCMULT), and intrabeam scattering simulation (IBSCATTER).

Robert Soliday 2014-06-26