Advanced Photon Source

An Office of Science National User Facility

Guide to Installing SDDS and OAG Simulation Software on Solaris Computers

This guide is split into two sections. The first section is for
installing the binary files. The second section is for building
the software yourself.

R. Soliday

Directory locations in this file may be different on your system. This
is only a guide.

1. Add the following to your .login file:
   set path = ( ~/epics/base/bin/solaris ~/epics/extensions/bin/solaris
     ~/oag/apps/bin/solaris $path )
   setenv HOST_ARCH solaris
   setenv EPICS_HOST_ARCH solaris-sparc
   setenv RPN_DEFNS ~/.defns.rpn

2. If epics/base is already installed on your computer skip to step 3.
   Go to
   Here you will find information on downloading epics/base.
   For the purposes of this manual we will be using version R3.13.2.
   Create your epics directory then move R3.13.2.tar.gz into epics.
   Now you can uncompress it here to create epics/base.
   Next edit the file epics/base/config/CONFIG_SITE and comment
     out the line for CROSS_COMPILER_TARGET_ARCHS.
   Next go to the epics/base directory and type make.
   This should take 5 to 10 minutes if there aren't any problems.

3. Download and uncompress the following OAG source code:
   If a local version of epics/base is installed I recommend
     uncompressing the files from the top directory that contains epics.

A. Configuration files for EPICS build system
B. SDDS Source
C. defns.rpn ( save as ~/.defns.rpn )

D. SDDS Epics Source
E. Configuration files for elegant, spiffe, genesis, and shower
F. Elegant
G. Spiffe
H. Shower

4. If a local version of epics/base is not used, you will have to
     edit epics/extensions/config/RELEASE and change EPICS_BASE to the
     correct directory

5. You may have to edit epics/extensions/config/CONFIG_SITE.Host.solaris
     and modify X11_LIB, X11_INC, MOTIF_LIB, MOTIF_INC

6. Change directory to epics/extensions/src/SDDS and type make

7. Change directory to epics/extensions/src/ezca and type make.

8. Change directory to epics/extensions/src/oagca and type make.

9. Change directory to epics/extensions/src/SDDSepics and type make.

OPTIONAL STEPS FOR Elegant, Spiffe, and Shower
10. You should now edit oag/apps/config/RELEASE
      and set EPICS_BASE and EPICS_EXTENSIONS to the proper values.

11. Change directory to oag/apps/src/elegant and type make
    Change directory to oag/apps/src/elegant/elegantTools and type make
    Change directory to oag/apps/src/elegant/sddsbrightness and type make

12. Change directory to oag/apps/src/spiffe and type make

13. Change directory to oag/apps/src/shower and type make

Hopefully by following these steps the installation will not be too
difficult. If you have problems please email me at