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Accelerator Operations & Physics

Accelerator Systems Division---Argonne National Laboratory

Mission Statement

  1. Safe, reliable, attentive, and responsive operation of APS accelerator systems, ensuring optimal machine performance, high availability, and excellent service to users.
  2. Application of integrated understanding of accelerator, safety, and facility systems to provide reliable advice, decisions, and scheduling for accelerator operation, repair, maintenance, and enhancement.
  3. Development, maintenance, and application of procedures and software for highly-automated, highly-reliable accelerator operation, characterization, and development.
  4. Development and exploration through simulation and experiment of innovative ideas for accelerator enhancements targeted at improved beam quality and reliability for users.
  5. Development, maintenance, and application of software for accurate, timely simulation of APS accelerator systems.


Scientific Staff

Deputy Group Leader, Senior Physicist, Storage Ring Manager
Jeff Dooling
Physicist, Deputy Linac Manger
Physicist, PAR & Booster Manager
Ryan Lindberg
Group Leader, Physicist
Physicist, Linac Manager
Yipeng Sun
Computer Scientist (Application Development)
Computer Scientist (Application Support)
Joesph Calvey
Physicist, Deputy PAR & Booster Manager
Physicist, Deputy Storage Ring Manager

Chiefs of Operations

Randy Flood
Safety Interlock/Controls/IT Chief of Operations, MCR Supervisor
LINAC,Radiation Safety System, PAR/Booster Chief of Operations
Storage Ring Chief of Operations

Assistant Chiefs of Operations

Assistant Chief of Operations
Assistant Chief of Operations
Assistant Chief of Operations
Assistant Chief of Operations
Assistant Chief of Operations


Frankie Angel
Ted Grodecki
John Mazzio
Eric Smith
DeeAnna Weyer

Group Secretary

Maria Gerches