ASD Seminar Series

The goal of this seminar is to encourage interaction between groups, act as an open forum to share ideas, achievements, and results, promote collaboration, communicate what APS personnel are doing and to educate people. Talks can be projects, tasks, ideas, etc. that are new, unfinished, ongoing as well as fully developed. This seminar is very informal and does not require a fully formatted presentation.

To suggest a speaker or to volunteer, please contact Geoff Waldschmidt

Next Seminar: Friday, July 11, 2014 @ 9:30 am, Conf. Rm. A1100
TITLE: Current Status of the APS LINAC & SR / Booster Klystron High-Voltage Power Supplies and the 352-MHz RFTS
SPEAKER: Gian Trento, ASD-RF

The present Radio Frequency (RF) Group machine operation goals are to help maintain APS mean time between faults at 100 hours or better and maintain injector, storage ring (SR), and x-ray production availability at 97% or better.  To continue to meet these goals, an aggressive approach was instigated to combat parts obsolescence and aging of the accelerator systems.  The latest improvements to the linac and SR/booster klystron high-voltage power supplies will be discussed.

The APS 352-MHz RF Test Stand (RFTS) was constructed to test and condition booster and SR rf cavity components. The adaptation of a pulsed rf conditioning method was introduced and tested. This methodology and performance of the RFTS will be discussed.

Past Seminars

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