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The goal of this seminar is to encourage interaction between groups, act as an open forum to share ideas, achievements, and results, promote collaboration, communicate what APS personnel are doing and to educate people. Talks can be projects, tasks, ideas, etc. that are new, unfinished, ongoing as well as fully developed. This seminar is very informal and does not require a fully formatted presentation.

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Next Seminar: Wednesday, February 4, 2015 @ 1:30 pm, Conf. Rm. A1100 (NOTE: TIME CHANGE)
TITLE: Some results and conclusions from NSLS-II commissioning
SPEAKER: Timur Shaftan, BNL

National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS-II) is a new 3 GeV, 500 mA, high-brightness synchrotron light source facility at the Brookhaven National Laboratory. NSLS-II is designed to deliver photons to between 60 and 80 beamlines with high average spectral brightness in the 2 keV to above 10 keV energy range exceeding 1E21 ph/s/0.1%BW/mm2/mrad2. The spectral flux density should exceed 1E15 ph/s/0.1%BW in a wide spectral range.

The NSLS-II accelerator construction has been finished over the past year. Full-energy injector has been tested in 2013 and we extracted the first 3 GeV beam from the booster in Jan 2014. Subsequently we carried out the storage ring commissioning in several phases finally accomplishing accumulation of 50 mA of circulating beam with the horizontal emittance of 1 nm rad. At this point insertion devices in 8 straight sections are commissioned and the machine is providing X-rays to 6 user beam lines.

I will discuss our experience in designing and building machine subsystems, as well as the recent results from the machine commissioning.

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