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Lynn Ribaud

Senior Scientific Associate
Structural Science
X-ray Science Division

Argonne National Laboratory
9700 S. Cass Ave
Building 433-D002

(630) 252-6833 • email

Selected Publications

Peter L. Lee, Deming Shu, Mohan Ramanathan, Curt Preissner, Jun Wang, Mark A. Beno, Robert B. Von Dreele, Lynn Ribaud, Charles Kurtz, Sytle M. Antao, Xuesong Jiao, Brian H. Toby, "A twelve-analyzer detector system for high-resolution powder diffraction," J. Synchrotron Rad. 15 (5), 427-432 (2008). DOI: 10.1107/S0909049508018438

D. Shu, P.L. Lee, C. Preissner, M. Ramanathan, M. Beno, R.B. Von Dreele, J. Wang, R. Ranay, L. Ribaud, C. Kurtz, X. Jiao, D. Kline, P. Jemian, B.H. Toby, "Mechanical design of a high-resolution x-ray powder diffractometer at the Advanced Photon Source," New Developments in Optomechanics, Alson E. Hatheway, eds., 6665, SPIE, (2007), online. DOI: 10.1117/12.733110

Brian H. Toby, Yu Huang, Don Dohan, David Carroll, Xuesong Jiao, Lynn Ribaud, Jennifer A. Doebbler, Matthew R. Suchomel, Jun Wang, Curt Preissner, David Kline, Tim M. Mooney, "Management of metadata and automation for mail-in measurements with the APS 11-BM high-throughput, high-resolution synchrotron powder diffractometer," J. Appl. Crystallogr. 42 (6), 990-993 (2009). DOI: 10.1107/S0021889809035717

Jun Wang, Brian H. Toby, Peter L. Lee, Lynn Ribaud, Sytle M. Antao, Charles Kurtz, Mohan Ramanathan, Robert B. Von Dreele, Mark A. Beno, "A dedicated powder diffraction beamline at the Advanced Photon Source: Commissioning and early operational results," Rev. Sci. Instrum. 79 (8), 085105-1-085105-7 (2008). DOI: 10.1063/1.2969260






M. A. Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, The State Unversity of New York at Buffalo, 1993

B. S. Physics, B. S. Mathematical Physics, The State University of New York at Buffalo, 1987