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Sungwon Lee

Assistant Chemist
Chemical and Materials Science
X-ray Science Division

Argonne National Laboratory
9700 S. Cass Ave
Building 401-B3159

(630) 252-3467 • email


Sungwon Lee is an assistant chemist in Chemical and Materials Science group (X-ray Science Division) at Argonne National Laboratory. Her research interests include the characterization of complex materials such as shale rocks, clays, hydrogels and polymers using x-ray scattering (SAXS/WAXS/USAXS), and the analysis and data interpretation of complex hydrocarbon materials by using various analytical instrumentations including Raman and GC/MS systems in energy science area. Her research has extended on elucidating the polymers, complex fluids and bioelectronics by various spectroscopic and electrochemical techniques. 

Selected Publications

  1. Lee, S.; Fischer, T. B.; Stokes, M. R.; Klingler, R. J.; Ilavsky, J.; McCarty, D. K.; Wigand, M. O.; Derkowski, A.; Winans, R. E., Dehydration Effect on the Pore Size, Porosity, and Fractal Parameters of Shale Rocks: Ultrasmall-Angle X-ray Scattering Study. Energy & Fuels 2014, 28 (11), 6772-6779.
  2. Brombosz, S. M.; Lee, S.; Firestone, M. A., Installation of a reactive site for covalent wiring onto an intrinsically conductive poly(ionic liquid). Reactive and Functional Polymers 2014, 85, 69-76.
  3. Lee, S.; Seifert, S.; Firestone, M. A., Multi-length scale evaluation of the temperature-tunable mechanical properties of a lyotropic mesophase. Polym J 2013, 45 (2), 179-187. (cover article)
  4. Lee, S.; Ringstrand, B. S.; Stone, D. A.; Firestone, M. A., Electrochemical Activity of Glucose Oxidase on a Poly(ionic liquid)–Au Nanoparticle Composite. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2012, 4 (5), 2311-2317.
  5. Lee, S.; Becht, G. A.; Lee, B.; Burns, C. T.; Firestone, M. A., Ionic Liquids: Electropolymerization of a Bifunctional Ionic Liquid Monomer Yields an Electroactive Liquid-Crystalline Polymer. Advanced Functional Materials 2010, 20 (13), 2063-2070. (cover article)
  6. Becht, G. A.; Lee, S.; Seifert, S.; Firestone, M. A., Solvent Tunable Optical Properties of a Polymerized Vinyl- and Thienyl-Substituted Ionic Liquid. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2010, 114 (45), 14703-14711.
  7. Lee, S.; Cummins, M. D.; Willing, G. A.; Firestone, M. A., Conductivity of ionic liquid-derived polymers with internal gold nanoparticle conduits. Journal of Materials Chemistry 2009, 19 (43), 8092-8101. (cover article)
  8. Green, O.; Grubjesic, S.; Lee, S.; Firestone, M. A., The Design of Polymeric Ionic Liquids for the Preparation of Functional Materials. Polymer Reviews 2009, 49 (4), 339-360.

Research Interests

  • Structural characterization of nanoparticles and nanocomposite materials by SAXS/USAXS/WAXS
  • Characterization of polymer system by Raman, FTIR, UV, Rheometer
  • Analytical electrochemistry and instrumentation for polymers and nanocomposites
  • Chromatographic characterization (HPLC, GC/MS) and scanning probe microscopy (SECM, TEM, SEM)
  • Electrophysiology (voltage clamp)


  • Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Utah
  • M.S. Chemistry, Yonsei University, Korea
  • B.S. Chemistry, Yonsei University, Korea


  • X-ray Sciences Division, Argonne National Laboratory. Assistant Chemist
  • Materials Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory. Assistant Chemist 
  • Materials Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory. Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Department of chemistry, Texas A&M. Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Research Scientist, R&D center, LG Chemical, Korea