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Kamleshkumar Suthar

Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical Engineering and Design
APS Engineering Support Division

Argonne National Laboratory
9700 S. Cass Ave
Building 401-B3199

(630) 252-4256 • email


Biography posted on Argonne blog in Aug-2014.


Research Interests

- Material Sciecen and Engineering focused on nanocomposite materials

- Design of Synchrotron Beamline components

- 3D printing

- Multiphysics FE Simulation

- Acoustics and Acousitic Levitation

- Ionic transport in soft and hard matter


PhD, MEMS-Nanotechnolgy, W. Michigan University, 2009

MS, Thermal Engineering, W. Michigan University, 2004

ME, Cryogenic Engineering, Gujarat University, India, 2001