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Gary Navrotski

Beamline Instrumentation
X-ray Science Division

Argonne National Laboratory
9700 S. Cass Ave
Building 401-B3200

(630) 252-7576 • email


Gary Navrotski has been involved in numerous aspects of synchrotron radiation research, X-ray facility instrumentation and beamline operations since 1986. He received his PhD from the Cornell University under the exceptional and vigilant mentorship of Professors Jack Blakely and Borris (Bob) Batterman. His personal areas of research interest include semiconductor surface adlayer 2D phase transformations as well as thin film and materials science investigations. He is currently engaged in facility and instrumentation design for the operation and upgrade of the Advanced Photon Source (APS).

Selected Publications

M.A. Antinmonov, A.M. Khounsary, A.R. Sandy, S. Narayanan and G. Navrotski, On the infulence of monochromator thermal deformations on X-ray focusing" Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 820 (2016)164.

A. Khounsary, P. Kenesei, J. Collins, Gary Navrotski, and J. Nudell, High Energy X-ray Micro-tomography for the characterization of thermally fatigued GlidCop specimen, J.Physics: Conference Series 425 (2013) 212015

Z.Liu, Gerd Rosenbaum, Gary Navrotski, Performance Prediction for a Hockey-Puck Silicon Crystal Monochromator at the Advanced Photon Source, SRI2013

N. Kujala, A.Macrander, P.Strons, A.Khounsary, Gary Navrotski, and L.Assoufid, High-Heat-Load Rocking Curve Studies of Cryogenically Contact-Cooled Silicon Double Crystal Monochromator with a Double Undulator Source, SRI2013

J.Maj, C.Harmata, L.Maj, P.Fernandez, Gary Navrotski, G.Waldschmidt, P.Chow, D.Capatina, L.Assoufid, Usage of the X-ray Topography Unit for Producing High-Quality Concave Optics, Denver X-ray Conference 2013

N. Kujala, A. Macrander, M. Ramanathan, E. Dufresne, Gary Navrotski, S. Marathe, L. Assoufid, D. Mills, and D. Mancini, High-heat-load studies of cryogenically internally cooled silicon double crystal monochromator above and away from cooling channels, J.Physics: Conference Series (SRI2012)

A. Khounsary, P. Kenesei, J. Collins, Gary Navrotski, and J. Nudell, Thermal fatigue and X-ray Micro-tomography for the analysis of cracks in metals, J.Physics: Conference Series (SRI2012)

J. Maj, Gary Navrotski, X. Huang, L. Assoufid, R. Khachatryan, J. Qian, M. Wieczorek. The effect of surface residual stress on the performance of high quality X-ray mirrors, SPIE Conference, San Diego (2011)

Gary Navrotski, Silver on Silicon(111): Surface Structural Transformations and Trace Contaminant Effects at Submonolayer Coverage, Cornell University, (2007)

Gary Navrotski, A Synchrotron Radiation Primer, A Vacuum Primer, A Comparison of World Synchrotron Radiation Sources, Advanced Design Consulting USA, Inc. 2004-2005 Catalog, 2003

Blank, B., T. Kupp, E. Johnson, A. Deyhim, C.-C. Kao, W. Caliebe, Gary Navrotski, Development of a Goniometer with Nanoradian Accuracy, MEDSI02, 2002, Argonne National Laboratory

Gary Navrotski, Design, Installation, Calibration, Testing and Operation of the BioCARS 14-ID Diamond Monochromator Retrofit, CARS Technical Note CTN-11 (2002)

Gary Navrotski, Optical Ray Tracings for the BioCARS Wiggler and Undulator ID Beamline, CARS Technical Note CARS Technical Note CTN-10 and Addendum (2001)

Gary Navrotski, (ed.), Final Design Report of Technical Components for the BioCARS Sector 14 at the Advanced Photon Source (1995)

Gary Navrotski, Construction of Be Windows for UHV Use, J. Vac. Sci. Tech. A, 12, 262 (1994)

Gary Navrotski, Design of an Ultra-High Vacuum Compatible Materials Handling System, Prepared for Silent-Hoist and Crane Design Engineering Prize (1994)

M.J.Bedzyk, Gary Navrotski and M.V. Koval'chuk, X-Ray Standing Wave Study of Atomic Positions in Cd.99Zn.01Se.04Te.96, Cornell University, Materials Science Center Report #7600 (1994)

Q.Shen, J.P. Chang, Gary Navrotski, and J.M. Blakely, X-Ray Diffraction Study of the Ni(111)5[110] Vicinal Surface, Physical Review Letters, 64, 451 (1990)

M.J.Bedzyk, Q. Shen, M. Keeffe and Gary Navrotski, X-Ray Standing Wave Structural Determination for I on Ge(111), Surface Science, 220, 419 (1989)

Research Interests

•  Scientific Instrumentation Design
•  X-ray Optics
•  Advanced Materials
•  Surface / Interface Science


• Ph.D. Cornell University
   Materials Science          
• P.E. Registered Professional Engineer
   Illinois and Virginia Licensures
• M.S. The George Washington Univ.
   Materials Engineering
• B.S. Case Institute of Technology


• Advanced Photon Source
• Northwestern University (ORD)
• Gary Navrotski, P.E., Ph.D.
• Waubonsee Community College
• The University of Chicago (CARS)
• Cornell High Energy Synchrotron
• Reynolds Metals Company
• John Tyler College
• NASA Langley Research Center 
• Case Institute of Technology


Awards and Honors

• American Vacuum Society / JVST Award
• Sigma Xi Research Grant
• Reynolds Metals Company,
  Corporate R&D Medal

Additional Information

• Sigma Xi, The Honorary Scientific
   Research Society (ΣX)
• American Society for Materials
   International (ASM)
• American Physical Society (APS)  
  American Vacuum Society (AVS)