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Evan Maxey

Beamline Specialist
X-ray Science Division

Argonne National Laboratory
9700 S. Cass Ave
Building 432-E002

(630) 252-1986 • email


Evan began working at Argonne at the Intense Pulsed Neutron Source (IPNS) in May 2001 performing user support on the General Purpose Powder Diffractometer (GPPD). In the spring of 2007 he transferred to XSD, and is currently a Beamline Specialist in the Microscopy Group. His many accomplishments include managing the GPPD upgrade project (IPNS), performing various safety roles, developing and implementing numerous innovative instrumentation projects, and a key role in the design and commissioning of the Metalloproteomics XRF instrument and the XRF Microprobe at 8BM. Evan currently serves the 34ID-C beamline as his primary focus.Prior to working at Argonne, Evan spent 18 years in the Medical X-Ray industry performing technical support, field service, training and technical writing.

Selected Publications

Avalanching strain dynamics during the hydriding phase transformation in individual palladium nanoparticles
A. Ulvestad, M. J. Welland, S. S. E. Collins, R. Harder, E. Maxey, J. Wingert, A. Singer, S. Hy, P. Mulvaney, P. Zapol & O. G. Shpyrko    
Nature Communications 6, Article number:10092 Published 11 December 2015
Kirkpatrick-Baez mirrors to focus hard X-rays in two dimensions as fabricated, tested and installed at the Advanced Photon Source
By: Kujala, Naresh; Marathe, Shashidhara; Shu, Deming; et al.
JOURNAL OF SYNCHROTRON RADIATION  Volume: 21   Pages: 662-668   Part: 4   Published: JUL 2014
X-ray absorption spectroscopy of metalloproteins.
By: Ward, Jesse; Ollmann, Emily; Maxey, Evan; et al.
Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.)  Volume: 1122   Pages: 171-87  Published: 2014

Band-gap measurements of bulk and nanoscale hematite by soft x-ray spectroscopy
Gilbert, B; Frandsen, C; Maxey, ER; Sherman, DM
PHYSICAL REVIEW B, Volume: 79, Issue: 3, Printed: 2009

Oxygen ordered phases in LaxSr1-xMnOy (0 <= x <= 0.2, 2.5 <= y <= 3): An in situ neutron powder diffraction study
Suescun, L; Dabrowski, B; Mais, J; Remsen, S; Richardson, JW; Maxey, ER; Jorgensen, JD
CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS Volume: 20, Issue: 4, Printed: 2008

Structural studies of deuteration and dedeuteration of Li3N by use of in situ neutron diffraction
Huq, A, Richardson, JW; Maxey, ER; Chandra, D; Chien, WM
JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY, Volume: 111, Issue: 28, Printed: 2007

Oxygen non-stoichiometry and thermal-chemical expansion of Ce0.8Y0.2O1.9-delta electrolytes by neutron diffraction
Li, YP; Maxey, ER, Richardson, JW; Ma, BH; Lee, TH; Song, SJ
JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CERAMIC SOCIETY Volume: 90, Issue: 4 Printed: 2007

Oxygen non-stoichiometry and thermal-chemical expansion of Ce/sub 0.8/Y/sub 0.2/O/sub 1.9- delta 8/ electrolytes by neutron diffraction
Yaping Li; Maxey, E.R.; Richardson, J.W. Jr.; Beihai Ma; Lee, T.H.; Sun-Ju Song

Direct observation of adsorbed H-2-framework interactions in the Prussian Blue analogue Mn-3(II)[Co-III(CN)(6)](2): The relative importance of accessible coordination sites and van der Waals interactions
Chapman, KW; Chupas, PJ; Maxey, ER; Richardson, JW
CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, Issue: 38, Printed: 2006

Structural behavior of oxygen permeable SrFe0.2Co0.8Ox ceramic membranes with and without pO(2) gradients
Li, YP; Maxey, ER; Richardson, JW
JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CERAMIC SOCIETY, Volume: 88, Issue: 5, Printed: 2005

Research Interests

Facilitating safety in experimentation.

Instrumentation & experiment
design innovation.


Beamline Specialist
X-Ray Science Division Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL
Pulsed Neutron Source Division of Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL Senior Technical Support Engineer / Training Specialist
Del Medical Imaging, Franklin Park, IL
TREX Medical Corporation / Continental Division Broadview, IL              
Field Service Engineer
L&L X-Ray, Schaumburg, IL
G.E. Medical Systems /
Thomson CGR Medical, Naperville, IL
Medrad Inc., Schaumburg, IL
Quality Control/ Test Engineer
Fisher Imaging Denver, CO

Awards and Honors

Argonne Pacesetter Award - August 2015
Sigma Xi - Elected Member 2015
APS Spotless Award- September 2011
Argonne Pacesetter Award
- July 2008
Argonne Spot Safety Award - 2008
Argonne 10 Year Service Award

Additional Information


Surviving Safety - A Philosophical Approach for the Critical Thinker
ISM Group Level Discussions
ISM Day 2010 & 2011, ANL, Argonne, IL USA

Pair Distribution Function Experimentation at a Synchrotron Source
Work Shop Instructor
2009 Denver X-ray Conference
July 27–31, 2009, Colorado Springs, Colorado USA

Sample Environment Innovation at the General Purpose Powder Diffractometer
Workshop on Sample Environment at Neutron Scattering Facilities
September 6, 2006, ANL, Argonne, IL USA

Implementation of the GPPD [at IPNS] Instrument Upgrade
ICANS – XVII, 17th Meeting of the International Collaboration on Advanced Neutron Sources
April 25-29, 2005 Santa Fe, New Mexico USA