InterCAT Technical Workgroup (TWG)

The TWG meets the third Thursday of each month. The meetings serve to inform the community of status, progress, or developments that a sector or the APS is making and provide an important information-sharing dialog.

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The next meeting is July 17, 2014, beginning at 10 AM in conference room C010 in building 431.


  • Monitoring an IOC's status with the "alive" record, Dohn Arms (AES-BC)
  • New EPICS Support for Low-Cost High-Performance Devices: Measurement Computing USB-CTR08 Counter/Timer and Point Grey Grasshopper3 Camera, Mark Rivers (GSECARS)

If you have a TWG-related topic on which you would like to share, please contact Lahsen Assoufid or Sophie-Charlotte Gleber, TWG co-chairs.