Beamline Commissioning Readiness Review Team (BCRRT)


1. Purpose

The APS Beamline Commissioning Readiness Review Team (BCRRT) reports to and advises the AES Associate Division Director for Mechanical and Interlock Systems for all activities related to commissioning of new beamlines or beamline modifications.   Changes to this charter require the approval of the AES Division Director.

BCRRT is mainly responsible for reviewing the readiness of new and modified beamlines for commissioning.  A subset of the members of the BCRRT form the Beamline Commissioning Team (BCT), which conducts the commissioning of new beamlines.  All outstanding issues from the Beamline Safety Design Review Steering Committee (BSDRSC) review are addressed at the BCRRT meetings. The plans for commissioning a new beamline are reviewed to ensure that the components and equipment designs satisfy ANL and APS safety and operations requirements.  Plans will be reviewed for consistency with APS schedules.

2. Membership

The committee members are appointed by the AES Division Director and are listed below:


S. Butala
J. Cross AES BSDRSC Chair
P. Den Hartog AES Front Ends Readiness
B. Glagola
User ES&H and User Safety Officer
T. Kruy
Front End Vacuum Readiness
G. Markovich
PSS & EPS Readiness
L. Moog
Insertion Device Readiness
M. Ramanathan
CCSM & Chair
B. Rusthoven
Documentation Readiness
A. Stevens
Facility Operations Readiness
J. Vacca
Health Physicist
W. VanWingeren AES Commissioning Coordinator
Floor Coordinator
Beamline Operations Support
Beamline Staff
Beamline Technical Staff



3. Method

The request to conduct a BCRRT review is initiated by the beamline staff through the floor coordinator with the concurrance of the Associated Division Director for Mechanical and Interlock Systems (AES/ADD-MIS).   A BCRRT review will also be initiated on the direct request by the AES/ADD-MIS or the AES Division Director.

The Committee will:

  • Review the BSDRSC review report to address any outstanding issues,
  • Ensure that all beamline documents (layouts, ray tracings, etc.) are on file,
  • Review the readiness of the beamline for commissioning and document its readiness,
  • Review the commissioning plans to make sure that it meet APS and ANL standards of safety,
  • Validate that the beamline or front end meet APS operational requirements (e.g., compliance with the APS Beamline Vacuum Policy),
  • Prepare written recommendations to the AES Associate Division Director for Mechanical and Interlock Systems.
  • Schedules the commissioning activity after commissioning has been authorized,
  • Initiates the commissioning team after commissioning has been authorized.

4. Frequency of Meetings

Meetings will be held at the direction of the Committee Chair in response to requests for commissioning of new beamlines, and for modifications to existing beamlines.

Updated: March 17, 2011