Minutes of the APSUO Steering Committee Meeting
Argonne National Laboratory
May 9 , 2007

Steering Committee Attendees: K. Brister, M. Firestone, P. Fuoss, T. Gog, B. Golden, T. Graber, G. Ice, N, Leyarovska, L. Lurio, S. Mochrie, A. Mulichak, D. Reis, C. Thompson, W. Smith, and L. Young.

APS Attendees: R Gerig, J. M. Gibson, B. Glagola, S. Leatherman, G. Long, D. Mills, B. Ruzicka, S. Strasser, and M. Vigliocco-Hagen.

Gene Ice opened the meeting by welcoming the new members and recognizing and thanking the outgoing members. Ice then turned the meeting over to Tim Graber, the incoming chair. Graber also welcomed the new members and thanked Ice for his service as Chair of the Steering Committee for the past year.

Routine Business:

The minutes from the January 11, 2007, APSUO Steering Committee Meeting were reviewed and approved as written.

Graber outlined the mission, responsibilities, and expectations of the APSUO Steering Committee for the new members. A copy of the APSUO Bylaws was included in the packet for all members to review.

Advocacy Issues
The importance of supporting advocacy was stressed to the members. The database that Keith Brister developed will continue to be used and updated with users' e-mail addresses, along with their congressional districts.

Proposed GUP and ESAF Enhancements
Susan Strasser outlined the proposed changes in the APS GUP and ESAF System. The rationale for these changes is the need for more accurate data collection, the need to integrate redundant systems and processes, the need to automate data collection, and the need to minimize administrative burden at the beamline level. The beamline administrators will complete a summary web form prior to each run. This form will ultimately replace the detailed schedule that is now required for each run. The new form must be completed before the beamline is turned on. The ESAF forms will include scheduled experiment start and end dates and times. ESAF forms for all GUP, PUP, CAT, and XOR beam time will expire at the end of each experiment (single visit); commissioning/set-up ESAFs will be valid for a single run. Duplicated ESAFs with no changes in safety-related information will automatically be reapproved. Beamline administrators will no longer need to complete end-of-year beamline summary spreadsheets. It is planned to have this new system in place for FY 2008, which means for the 2007-3 cycle. Full details are being developed at this time. Questions or comments regarding this new process can be directed to Susan Strasser, Bruce Glagola, or gu_program@aps.anl.gov .

Next Meeting:

The next APSUO Steering Committee Meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 22, 2007.