Minutes of the APSUO Steering Committee Meeting
Argonne National Laboratory
August 9, 2006

Steering Committee Attendees: K. Brister, P. Evans, T. Gog, T. Graber, G. Ice, L. Lurio, A. Mulichak, D. Reis, C. Thompson, and W. Smith.

APS Attendees: J. M. Gibson, G. Long, G. Srajer, S. Strasser, and M. Vigliocco-Hagen

Routine Business:

The minutes from the May 4, 2006, APSUO Steering Committee Meeting were reviewed and approved with one addition. The minutes were amended to include a statement regarding the APS Upgrade. The following was added:

It was requested by the Steering Committee that the subjects of optics and detectors be made an integral part of the APS Upgrade series of seminars and workshops during the summer.

APS Update
J. Murray Gibson briefed the group on the upcoming APS upgrade and the Upgrade Workshop scheduled for Thursday and Friday, August 10-11, 2006.

Gibson reported that there are concerns about the focus on lattice changes that would involve a long shutdown. DOE is now allowing capabilities that would involve minimum disruption in operations and will allow more flexibility to look at additional options and more time. Two different approaches are being considered at this time -- a replacement of the existing storage ring accelerator or an augmentation of the present injection systems by an energy recovery linac (ERL) which would then utilize the existing storage ring in a single pass mode. The ERL gives the user fourth-generation capabilities, and it is feasible to use existing storage ring and beamlines.

Gene Ice reminded the steering committee to think about how to best position the APS to take advantage of these new ideas.

A white paper will be prepared by February 2007 with the actual proposal due in the summer.

Gene Ice again talked about the importance of advocacy and the necessity for all light sources and neutron sources to work together for advocacy. Ice reported that the general consensus of the user group is to send users to visit congresspersons in their own districts. The steering committee members discussed the possibility of obtaining software that is currently available that would assist in sorting out the APS users by district. Keith Brister will check this out and see what would be involved in this process. He will report at the October Steering Committee meeting.

Steering Committee Business
Discussion took place regarding the 2007 Users Meeting. The possibility of having the joint opening session on the Monday of user meeting week was discussed. It was felt that there would be a better chance of getting speakers from Washington on a Monday, since most of them are in session on Wednesday, the day the APS Meeting has been held in the past.

Tim Graber was elected as the new vice-chair of the steering committee for the upcoming year. He will serve as the Chairman of the 2007 Users Meeting.

The committee in charge of workshops for the 2007 Users Meeting is made up of Larry Lurio, Anne Mulichak, Simon Mochrie, David Reis, and Millie Firestone.

Thomas Gog will be in charge of the Poster Committee for the Users Meeting.

The 2007 Nominating Committee will be made up of Simon Billinge, Ward Smith, Barbara Golden, Keith Brister, and Paul Evans (chair).

Graber was asked to work with the Workshop Committee to come up with a listing of topics that would be of interest to the users. Graber will also meet with representatives from EMC, IPNS, and CNM to determine if they are again interested in being a part of the user meeting. He will also come up with a tentative schedule prior to the October Steering Committee Meeting.

Next User Meeting:

The next APSUO Steering Committee Meeting will be held on Thursday, October 26, 2006.