Minutes of the APSUO Steering Committee Meeting
Argonne National Laboratory
May 4, 2006

Routine Business:

 Gene Ice, the new APSUO Steering Committee Chair, called the meeting to order. He thanked the outgoing members and welcomed the newly elected members to the group.

Outgoing members   Newly-elected members   Present members
Malcolm Capel
Julie Cross
Stephan Ginell
Mark Rivers

Paul Evans
Larry Lurio
Simon Mochrie
Anne Mulichak


Simon Billinge
Keith Brister
Millie Firestone
Thomas Gog
Barbara Golden
Tim Graber
Gene Ice, Chair
David Reis
Ward Smith
Carol Thompson, ex officio

The minutes from the January 12, 2006, joint APSUO Steering Committee and Partner User Council meeting were reviewed and approved as written.

Future Plans

APS Upgrade: (amended after 08/09/06 APSUO Steering Committee Meeting)

It was requested by the Steering Committee that the subjects of optics and detectors be made an integral part of the APS Upgrade series of seminars and workshops during the summer.


Ice spoke to the group about the importance of advocacy and the necessity for all light sources and neutron sources to work together for advocacy. Ice asked the group to think about who could serve as an advocate for our users.

Vice Chair Election :

Ice reminded the group that a Steering Committee vice chair would be elected at the next committee meeting. He asked that each member think about who would be a viable candidate for this position, keeping in mind that this individual will be in charge of the scientific portion of the next user meeting. Any member is welcome to volunteer for the position as well.

Next User Meeting :

Ice also asked the group to start thinking about workshops that would be of interest to users at the next user meeting. He asked that members send ideas to him via e-mail.