Working Agenda

APSUO Steering Committee Meeting

Friday, January 22, 1999; 9:00 am
Building 401, Conference Room A5000
Advanced Photon Source
Argonne National Laboratory


9:00 am

Joint Session with APS Research Directorate

  • APS update (Moncton)
  • Proposed review process for Independent Investigator proposals (Shenoy)
  • Web-based publications database (Picologlou)
  • National Synchrotron and Neutron School (Mills)
  • Experiment safety envelopes (Shenoy)

Move to Room B5100 for APSUO Steering Committee Meeting


Routine Business: Approval of minutes of previous meeting, status report on previous action items, approval/modification of remaining agenda, and review of action items


Executive Session

  • Election of a vice-chair
  • Ninth Users Meeting recap
  • Preliminary discussion of Tenth Users Meeting
  • APS operations schedule
  • Best of the APS award
  • Report on presentation to National Research Council committee
  • APS Doctoral Fellowship program


Joint lunch with Research Directorate members in Room A5000

12:30 p.m.

CAT Updates (brief reports from each CAT Director on funding, personnel, and/or status of design efforts and technical capabilities)


Executive Session (cont'd. if necessary)


Close Out - D. Moncton, Dierker, Shenoy, newly elected Vice-Chair, Strasser, Pittroff