Minutes of the APSUO Steering Committee Meeting

Held on October 14, 1998, at Argonne National Laboratory


R. Alkire, M. Antonio, M. Beno, R. Bubeck, S. Dierker, P. Eng, P. Fenter, S. Heald, E. Isaacs, D. Keane, D. Moncton, C. Pittroff, G. Shenoy, W. Schildkamp, L. Soderholm, G. Srajer, S. Strasser, S. Sutton, J. Tischler, and P. Zschack

Welcome and Introduction; Recognition of Retiring Members:

After a luncheon for new, continuing, and retiring APSUO Steering Committee members, Chair Steve Dierker welcomed new members Mark Antonio, Dean Chapman, Paul Fenter, Steve Heald, Wilfried Schildkamp, and Paul Zschack. Dierker thanked the retiring members Mark Beno, Bob Bubeck, Lynda Soderholm, Mark Sutton, and Steve Sutton and outgoing Chair Jon Tischler (who will continue as an ex officio member) for their participation over the last three years.

Routine Business:

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved. The action items from the 8/20/98 APSUO Steering Committee meeting were reviewed; the last action item ("Develop a plan of action to identify and pursue industrial companies to seek support for the APS Doctoral Fellowship Program") was postponed until the next meeting.

New members were encouraged to review the minutes of previous APSUO meetings. Susan Strasser pointed out Web-site information included in the meeting packets.

New Business:

Dierker briefly reviewed the mission of the APSUO and discussed the responsibilities of the steering committee. One of the committee's primary responsibilities is organization of the scientific sessions for the APS User Meetings. Dierker announced that a vice chair of the committee, who will succeed him as chair, will be elected at the next meeting on 1/21/99. The group was asked to begin thinking of candidates for the position. Dierker reminded the group that the dates for upcoming APSUO meetings were listed on the calendar included in the meeting packet.

A new APS Library Committee representative was selected to replace Steve Sutton who had served as the APSUO representative for the past two years. Sutton described the basic responsibilities of the position. The group was asked for a nominee, and Paul Fenter was nominated and accepted.

Next Meeting:

The next meeting of the APSUO Steering Committee will be held jointly with the Research Directorate meeting January 22, 1999.

Action Items:

  1. Think about candidates for the position of vice chair of the APSUO Steering Committee (election to be held at the 1/21/99 meeting). (All Steering Committee members)