Working Agenda

APSUO Steering Committee Meeting

Thursday, January 30 1997; 9:00 am
Building 401, Conference Room A5000
Advanced Photon Source
Argonne National Laboratory


9:00 am

Project Update - D. Moncton


Routine Business: Approval of minutes of previous meeting, and status report on previous action items


Executive Session
    • User Meeting Program report - J. Tischler
    • User Meeting Workshop report - J. Tischler
    • Nominating Committee report - R. Pindak
    • User Meeting logistics - S. Barr
    • By-laws review - M. Sutton/S. Barr
    • Independent Investigator Program planning - M. Sutton


Working Lunch

1:00 pm

Executive Session (contd. if necessary)


Close Out - M. Sutton, D. Moncton, G. Shenoy, J. Tischler, S. Barr


Argonne Guest House Reception and Tour