Minutes of the APSUO Steering Committee Meeting

Held on October 14, 1998, at Argonne National Laboratory


S. Barr, M. Beno, K. D'Amico, S. Dierker, G. Long, D. Moncton, R. Pindak, J. Quintana, M. Rivers, G. Shenoy, L. Soderholm, M. Sutton, S. Sutton, and J. Tischler

Routine Business:

Following introductions, Chair Mark Sutton thanked out-going Steering Committee members for their service and welcomed the newly elected members Robert Bubeck, Mark Beno, Steven Dierker, Lynda Soderholm, Jonathan Tischler, and Stephen Sutton. The minutes and action item listing from the August 16, 1995, meeting were reviewed; the minutes were approved as written.

Organizational Information:

Mark Sutton directed Committee members to read the APSUO by-laws (contained in the meeting packet). The by-laws identify purpose of the APSUO and describe the organization itself, as well as outline Steering Committee responsibilities. Mark noted that the by-laws specify that an APSUO Vice-Chair will be elected by the Steering Committee at the meeting immediately following the organizational meeting. The Vice-Chair will serve as Program Chair for the next Users Meeting and will succeed the Chair at that time. Mark also directed Committee members to note the scheduled meeting dates for 1996 (Thursday, January 11; Thursday, March 28; and Thursday, June 20) and put these dates on their calendars.

Other Business:

APSUO Representatives to APS Committees: Among the action items from the 8/16/95 meeting were the appointment of user representatives to the APS Colloquium Committee and APS Library Committee. These appointments were to take place after the new Steering Committee was constituted. Sutton asked Experimental Facilities Division Director Gopal Shenoy to briefly describe these committees and their responsibilities. The Colloquium Committee, which is chaired by Sunil Sinha, is charged with identifying Colloquium speakers for periodic APS colloquia. Attendance at these colloquia will probably be in the neighborhood of 100 persons. Speakers will probably be invited for more than a day and will have the opportunity for exposure to user activities. This Committee will probably not meet often. Several names were suggested and Sutton agreed to follow up, with an appointment or appointments to be made before the next Steering Committee meeting. The Library Committee, which is chaired by Ercan Alp, will help to determine what type of reference collection will be appropriate for the APS library. Additionally, this Committee may help to coordinate various CAT libraries. Financial decisions are not made by this committee. Steve Sutton agreed to serve as a member of this committee.

User Input on User Residence Facility Issues: This action item from the 8/16/95 meeting has no urgency as yet. The Committee agreed to table it for the time being.

Frequency of Users Meetings: To date, APS User Meetings have been held at approximately 18-month intervals. At the next Steering Committee meeting, members will need to decide if this schedule should continue or if meetings should be held on an annual basis.

Follow-up Action Items:

1. Appoint representative(s) to the APS Colloquium Committee (Sutton).

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the APSUO Steering Committee will be held on Thursday, January 11, 1996, in Bldg. 401 (APS Central Laboratory/Office Bldg.), Room A5000, Argonne National Laboratory.