AES Groups

Computer Systems

Beamline Controls & Data Acquisition
BCDA develops software and electronic hardware for synchrotron radiation beamlines that serves the common needs of APS researchers, and implements software for the APS Beamlines.

Facilitates world-class science and technology research at the APS by providing a highly capable and reliable control system that meets or exceeds the requirements of the technical equipment to which it interfaces.

Information Solutions
The Information Solutions (IS) group supports development of database applications, management of documents with the Document Control Center and the Integrated Content Management System, and coordination and implementation of APS websites and web development.

Information Technology
The Information Technology group provides technical support for the networks, servers, storage and desktop computer systems used at the APS. IT strives to provide a leading-edge information technology infrastructure, helping to ensure that the APS remains a state of the art, user-oriented scientific facility.

Software Services
The Software Services group provides flexible, customer-oriented software services to the accelerator and beamlines in support of world-class photon science at the APS. These services are rendered through the application of our core competencies: embedded software, software engineering, distributed control systems, information systems, high performance computing, and graphical user interfaces.

Facilities, Resources and Safety

APS Site Operations
Building & Services Coordination
manages and minimizes the impact of APS building and site activities and provides optimal support to APS staff and users in all 400 buildings and areas.

All APS procurement requisitions are performed by our Procurement Sr. Contract Specialist.

User Environmental Safety & Health
The UES Group is responsible for Experiment Hall and User experiment safety, provides Health Physics Support for the APS and User Community, and performs Facility related dosimetry measurements.


Mechanical and Interlock Systems

Design and Drafting
Provides support in the continuing design and construction of the Advanced Photon Source accelerators.

Mechanical Engineering and Design
The Mechanical Engineering and Design Group utilizes capabilities and experience in accelerator physics, accelerator operation, accelerator simulation, and high-level software to the operation and enhancement of the Advanced Photon Source.

Mechanical Operations and Maintenance
Delivers engineering support for various mechanical, water, and cryogenic subsystems of the APS, and pursues R&D activities in support of future accelerator enhancements.

Safety Interlocks
Develops, implements, and supports primarily PLC-based interlocks systems for personnel access control and equipment protection of the APS accelerators and beamlines.