PS1 (Photon Shutter 1) Operation

Background: The Storage Ring orbit correction program now uses XBPMs (X-ray Beam Position Monitors) to assist in plotting a stable orbit. These monitors are placed downstream of PS1; therefore, it requires that PS1 for these beamlines be OPEN whenever there is stored beam, either for studies or for user operations.

Standing Order: Any operation of PS1 must go through the FC (Floor Coordinator). If PS1 needs to be closed (e.g. a PSS validation), notify the MCR (Main Control Room) that PS1 for a particular beamline will need to be closed. The request for PS1 closure must be preceded by an approved online work request. These are usually submitted by the PSS group and approved by AES-UES group members. The Responsible Engineer or Radiation Safety System Engineer submitting the Work Request or Michael Borland or Nick Sereno of the Main Control Room may be emailed for further notification and confirmation. This notification must be done at least 24 to 48 hours prior to closing PS1 so that the Beamline Physicist can adjust the orbit correction program so that that XBPM is not in the code. The MCR must approve PS1 closing just prior to its closing. Opening PS1 does not require MCR approval; however, the FC must inform the MCR that this will happen (this is so that the XBPM can be re-inserted into the orbit correction matrix).

Emergency or non-scheduled PS1 closure requests must also go through the Floor Coordinator and brought up to the MCR. The MCR will approve or deny the request after reviewing their notification procedures.

Bruce Glagola, reviewed 4/2/13

To view the Beamlines which are currently being used by the orbit correction program:

XFD_Display.adl ->
SR INFO info ->
X-BPMs for Orbit Correction