Priorities are how we stay focused on the things that are most important. They help position the SSG and the APS to achieve its goals. We take choosing our priorities seriously. The projects the SSG works on and the amount of time and resources dedicated to those projects are determined based on a number of factors and from input from a variety of sources.

Software Advisory Group

The Software Advisory Group serves as an advisory group to the SSG. Its membership consists of XSD staff concerned with the state of software at the APS. It’s a venue to discuss current projects and future directions, and to foster communication between the SSG and the XSD staff. The Software Advisory Group also provides input on new project ideas and proposals. Issues, concerns and suggestions from the Software Advisory Group and compiled by SSG management and delivered to AES and XSD management.

Software Advisory Group members include:

  • Nicholas Schwarz (AES)
  • Jonathan Almer (XSD)
  • Francesco De Carlo (XSD)
  • Suresh Narayanan (XSD)
  • Brian Toby (XSD)

Anyone interested in providing input to the group or attending a meeting should feel free to contact one of the group's members.

XSD Coordination

SSG and AES Computing Systems management meets with the XSD Deputy Division Director and XSD Associate Division Directors on a bi-weekly basis. Priorities for the SSG and other AES Computing Systems groups are discussed and determined during this coordination meeting.

XSD Coordination meeting attendees include:

  • Mark Beno (XSD)
  • Chris Jacobsen (XSD)
  • Pete Jemian (AES)
  • Jonathan Lang (XSD)
  • John Maclean (AES)
  • Nicholas Schwarz (AES)
  • Kenneth Sidorowicz (AES)

Service Coordination Board

The APS Service Coordination Board guides the allocation of services at the APS to ensure that the services are delivered efficiently to accomplish the mission of the APS and collects feedback on provided services. Components of larger APS projects may require the effort of the SSG. Requirements for resources are discussed and allocated accordingly.