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Conduct of Operations

This document lays down expectations based on common courtesy. They do not (nor are they intended) to conflict with ANL Policy and Procedure, or with the Technician union contract.


Group members are expected to honor commitments made to work specific hours (core hours, schedule changes, or overtime), and to begin their work at scheduled times. In accordance with ANL policy, hourly employees must reflect actual start and end times on their timecards, not scheduled times. (Note that ANL considers work to begin and end at the job site, e.g. your desk, not as you drive through the gate.)


When overtime is available, technicians may elect to start work prior to their core hours, provided this is agreed ahead of time with the Technician Coordinator. Except under extenuating circumstances, individuals may not start work earlier than 6:00am, or work more than 11 hours in any given day. Overtime may be available under a blanket approval or on a case-by-case basis, but always requires Group Leader approval.

Notification of late arrival, early leave or unplanned absence:

Group members who will not be reporting for work within 30 minutes of their scheduled start time should make a reasonable attempt to notify the Lab of their reason for absence and of their expected arrival time. This includes late arrival, reporting sick and other unexpected absences. Technicians shall phone the Technician Coordinator or designated alternate, all others should call the Group Leader or designated alternate. If you are unable to reach them, leave a voice message and make personal contact with Group Secretary, or the AES Office (2-1367). Group members leaving more than 30 minutes early shall contact the Group Leader or designated alternate.

Lunch breaks:

The ANL workday provides for an unpaid lunch break of 30 minutes plus two paid breaks of 15 minutes (i.e. a total of 1hr break-time per day). Group members are expected to stick to this on average over the working week. Requests for occasional longer lunch breaks can be accommodated by special arrangement. Group members are expected to take their lunch breaks, except when demanded by machine operations support. Those having to work through the lunch break are expected to obtain approval if they wish to leave early.

Schedule changes for employee benefit:

Group members are expected to work their core hours unless a schedule change has been previously agreed. Requests must be approved in advance (it is not acceptable for example, to report for work early on a given day with the expectation of leaving early). Technicians should submit requests to the Technician Coordinator or designated alternate; all others should submit requests to the Group Leader or designated alternate.

Vacation requests:

Except under extenuating circumstances, group members are expected to give reasonable notice of vacation requests. Those who habitually fail to give reasonable notice are more likely to have their requests disapproved. All requests should be submitted at least 24hrs in advance. Requests for vacation longer than a half-day should be submitted at least 1½ times as long in advance as the length of the request (e.g. a request for 2 days vacation should be submitted at least 3 working days in advance). If there are conflicts because of multiple requests for the same time period, approval shall be given on a first-come, first-served basis. Technician requests shall be e-mailed to the Technician Coordinator, all others to the Group Leader, with copies to Group Secretary. Technician requests will be forwarded to the Group Leader after approval. Group members are strongly discouraged from scheduling vacation time during shutdowns. Where this must occur, requests should be submitted at least 3 weeks before the beginning of the shutdown. Vacations will not be approved for User startup weeks except under extenuating circumstances.

Personal business during working hours:

Personal phone calls (both incoming and outgoing), personal computer usage, and other personal business should be conducted during break times or during personal time, and should be kept to a minimum during working hours. Group members are expected to adhere to ANL and APS policies on telephone and computer usage.

Greg Markovich
AES Safety Interlocks Group Leader (5/13/2004)

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