All Open Tasks for Tech Tuesday

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Team 1

Ticket #E-mailNameSubjectHelp TopicPhoneStatusCreated
410938reinhart@aps.anl.govBen Reinhartcopper air lines on top of hutch* Tech Tuesday (Team 1)open2015-10-09 11:32:01
910616reinhart@aps.anl.govBen ReinhartRun some cables through the hutch* Tech Tuesday (Team 1)open2015-10-09 11:29:26
984996brewe@aps.anl.govdale breweBreakout box for 4-motor slit* Tech Tuesday (Team 1)0582open2015-10-08 15:10:32
829969reinhart@aps.anl.govBen ReinhartClean up Flag pneumatics* Tech Tuesday (Team 1)open2015-03-09 12:01:41
283504spence@aps.anl.govRick SpenceGas line install @ 11-IDD* Tech Tuesday (Team 1)2797open2015-02-24 15:34:17

Team 2

Ticket #E-mailNameSubjectHelp TopicPhoneStatusCreated
350753beyer_k@aps.anl.govKevin BeyerInstall 1/4* Tech Tuesday (Team 2)2-9491open2015-09-30 16:07:52
432814akastengren@anl.govAlan Kastengren7-BM-A cable management* Tech Tuesday (Team 2)6302523116open2015-09-28 11:30:00

Team 3

Ticket #E-mailNameSubjectHelp TopicPhoneStatusCreated
127989okasinski@aps.anl.govJohn Okasinskiinstallation of lead shielding in 6 BM-A* Tech Tuesday (Team 3)2-0162open2015-07-20 09:52:18

Team 4

Ticket #E-mailNameSubjectHelp TopicPhoneStatusCreated