All Open Tasks for Tech Tuesday

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Team 1

Ticket #E-mailNameSubjectHelp TopicPhoneStatusCreated
522353wenqianxu@aps.anl.govWenqian XuVacuum Leak Check* Tech Tuesday (Team 1)1817open2015-03-31 10:05:10
397868twu@aps.anl.govTianpin WuExtend building nitrogen tubing* Tech Tuesday (Team 1)2-1482open2015-03-24 15:32:01
500928proskey@cars.uchicago.eduMike ProskeyProbe Calibration* Tech Tuesday (Team 1)open2015-03-11 10:59:58
829969reinhart@aps.anl.govBen ReinhartClean up Flag pneumatics* Tech Tuesday (Team 1)open2015-03-09 12:01:41
283504spence@aps.anl.govRick SpenceGas line install @ 11-IDD* Tech Tuesday (Team 1)2797open2015-02-24 15:34:17

Team 2

Ticket #E-mailNameSubjectHelp TopicPhoneStatusCreated
137962cawhite@aps.anl.govClay WhiteLN2 Supply Line* Tech Tuesday (Team 2)2-0300open2015-03-24 19:12:02

Team 3

Ticket #E-mailNameSubjectHelp TopicPhoneStatusCreated
403875bgf@aps.anl.govBruno FieramoscaDrill 4 Holes in the Floor of 6-BM-B* Tech Tuesday (Team 3)630-252-0201open2015-03-26 10:11:27
393856emaxey@aps.anl.govEvan MaxeyHoles drilled and anchors set* Tech Tuesday (Team 3)630-252-1986open2015-03-16 12:51:01

Team 4

Ticket #E-mailNameSubjectHelp TopicPhoneStatusCreated
291196bpruitt@aps.anl.govBrian PruittCable removal.* Tech Tuesday (Team 4)2-9532open2014-06-24 10:30:46