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Ticket #RequestorSubjectHelp TopicStatusPriorityCreated
475150Denis KeaneDND Routine Cryocooler MaintenanceCryogenicopenNormal2015-07-30 17:53:46
443632Jeff Doolingpc gun drive laser MechanicalopenNormal2015-06-11 11:04:28
726527Greg BanksLexan Covers NeededMechanicalopenNormal2015-06-23 10:00:42
719160Dean WyncottLayout of access holeMechanicalopenNormal2015-07-18 17:19:31
581797Jeff Doolinglabel for gas bottle cartMechanicalopenNormal2015-07-21 11:02:14
714004Greg HalderMotor Cable Assembly for 17-BM UpgradeMechanicalopenLow2015-06-26 17:33:00
982359Greg BanksShutter IssueVacuumopenHigh2015-02-19 05:25:47
721097Zhan Zhang33BM replacing ion pumpVacuumopenNormal2014-12-12 14:03:54
192189Terry SmithTcavity 400a-L6VacuumopenNormal2015-06-11 09:26:16
217149Gian TentoSpare booster tuner conditioningVacuumopenNormal2015-07-13 09:09:57
798722John D. GonczyBM robot utility systemVacuumopenNormal2015-07-13 09:25:33
167135Ivan Kuzmenkorepair XDS5 scroll pumpVacuumopenNormal2015-07-16 12:15:16
862129Nancy LazarzMove hard-plumbed water line in 13 IDAWateropenNormal2015-07-08 11:24:42
596829Jessica McChesneyNew Water drops for compressorWateropenNormal2015-07-29 11:34:14
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