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Ticket #RequestorSubjectHelp TopicStatusPriorityCreated
474310Andrew StevensFabricate Lexan ShieldsCryogenicopenNormal2014-06-06 09:18:46
617636Dana CapatinaLow LN2 flow at 35-IDCryogenicopenNormal2014-10-27 17:33:38
309484Andrew StevensSector 35 Drop Valve Leaks ByCryogenicopenLow2013-11-25 08:58:14
382879Greg BanksPSS Limit Switch Covers NeededMechanicalopenHigh2014-11-12 06:44:11
943497Dean WyncottLayout 1-BM-A roof access holeMechanicalopenNormal2014-05-01 11:06:00
208643Dean WyncottGas cage door lockMechanicalopenNormal2014-09-18 13:27:20
518314Randy AlkireNeslab repair?MechanicalopenNormal2014-10-29 16:00:17
215965Antonino MiceliPutting up cage in 437-D LOMMechanicalopenNormal2014-11-07 14:43:17
646383John GonczyID beamline supportVacuumopenNormal2014-09-17 15:30:46
975552TimUHV CleaningVacuumopenNormal2014-11-19 13:59:23
792491John HoytBeamline vacuum pressureVacuumopenNormal2014-11-19 15:45:56
419331Dean Carbaughpump rebuildVacuumopenNormal2014-11-21 10:15:14
480459Aditya GoelWater System Installation for SSA R&D workWateropenNormal2014-10-31 15:17:45
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