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Ticket #RequestorSubjectHelp TopicStatusPriorityCreated
502520Nancy LasarzCryo FlowmeterCryogenicopenNormal2015-09-17 14:49:00
719160Dean WyncottLayout of access holeMechanicalopenNormal2015-07-18 17:19:31
649835Ray ZieglerModify 1/4" ss tubing at gas manifold.MechanicalopenNormal2015-09-24 09:59:27
530499Ray ZieglerReplace poly with 1/4" ss tubing. MechanicalopenNormal2015-09-24 10:09:12
475148Ray ZieglerRe-Route and Pull new cable in 7idbMechanicalopenNormal2015-09-28 12:54:05
982359Greg BanksShutter IssueVacuumopenHigh2015-02-19 05:25:47
229882Aditya GoelRotate 340 switch in L6 test standVacuumopenHigh2015-09-16 13:23:23
512477Hawoong Hongleak checkVacuumopenHigh2015-09-18 15:13:51
203360Dana CapatinaSS1 bellows assemblyVacuumopenHigh2015-09-29 09:24:15
721097Zhan Zhang33BM replacing ion pumpVacuumopenNormal2014-12-12 14:03:54
192189Terry SmithTcavity 400a-L6VacuumopenNormal2015-06-11 09:26:16
798722John D. GonczyBM robot utility systemVacuumopenNormal2015-07-13 09:25:33
744002Tim RobertsVacuum Pump RepairVacuumopenNormal2015-09-15 13:19:09
820400Mark ErdmannB shutter air linesVacuumopenNormal2015-09-16 13:08:03
934190Scott DoranTest CathodesVacuumopenNormal2015-09-18 10:22:40
245206HAO CHANGReplace Seal in UHV Gate ValveVacuumopenNormal2015-09-22 12:14:08
316238Mark WarrenMultiple UHV chamber partsVacuumopenNormal2015-09-30 14:30:41
943792John WeizeorickMaintenance on a Phifer pumpVacuumopenNormal2015-09-30 15:20:34
702684Dean WaltersReplacement of Roughing Pump on Thin Film SystemVacuumopenNormal2015-10-02 17:41:01
400826Lynn RibaudConnect Water to F2-30 FilterWateropenNormal2015-08-05 16:18:42
233719Chris RoehrigSteel gas linesWateropenNormal2015-08-06 10:05:13
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