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Ticket #RequestorSubjectHelp TopicStatusPriorityCreated
995704rod salazarCryopump check and commissioningCryogenicopenNormal2017-10-10 13:53:31
265605Bing Shicable and pipe mountingMechanicalopenHigh2017-10-02 13:55:52
459024Don WalkoAssemble beamline desksMechanicalopenNormal2017-05-09 17:01:13
777439Patti PedergnanaInstall dry erase boardMechanicalopenNormal2017-09-26 13:41:37
402014Jessica McChesneyInstall new tables for RSoXS endstationMechanicalopenNormal2017-09-28 11:08:16
795419Aditya GoelVacuum Waveguide work at K6VacuumopenNormal2017-10-13 12:18:17
340041ScottInstall presure line to temporary clean roomVacuumopenLow2016-01-29 06:40:26
346505George Sterbinskychange proteus face plateWateropenNormal2017-10-04 16:08:52
226333John KatsoudasNeed Displex connected in my hutchWateropenNormal2017-10-17 14:38:28
403457George SterbinskyInstall Yokogawa transmitterWateropenNormal2017-10-18 17:22:58
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