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Ticket #RequestorSubjectHelp TopicStatusPriorityCreated
775449Greg WiemerslageInstall IDVC and stands in sector 28Vacuumclosed22013-02-01 16:09:08
104762Tim RobertsIon Pump ProblemVacuumclosed32013-02-04 09:13:51
134711Tim RobertsLeak CheckVacuumclosed32013-02-08 09:02:21
560809Naresh G KujalaVaccum tube need break and remove transport tubeVacuumclosed22013-02-09 20:36:33
396944Michael Fagan6 ID P5B No SwitchVacuumclosed22013-02-15 12:51:17
432423KujalaConnect transport tube in 1-bmb stationVacuumclosed22013-02-18 12:31:22
939253John GonczyLeak Detection SupportVacuumclosed22013-02-21 13:30:08
606647Naresh G KujalaNeed to remove transport tubeVacuumclosed22013-02-26 11:03:06
771138George GoeppnerSector 37 scraperVacuumclosed22013-02-27 11:31:49
851503Mark ErdmannVacuum tube cleaningVacuumclosed22013-02-27 16:47:13
409016John HoytBBC Gun WorkVacuumclosed22013-02-28 13:31:13
653454John HoytWaveguide Vacuum TreeVacuumclosed22013-02-28 13:36:40
775378Ray ZieglerWhite Beam slits & Ametek RGA in 8ID-AVacuumclosed22013-03-06 16:19:09
535732Ryan Montiel80K Cold Shock TestVacuumclosed22013-03-11 12:18:54
459127Gian TrentoRF Test stand backing pumpVacuumclosed22013-03-12 12:40:34
432668Ian McNultyPolarizer needs vacuum testingVacuumclosed22013-03-25 13:28:00
138935Patti Pedergnanaadjust door air pressureVacuumclosed22013-04-03 12:46:23
627617John HoytL6 WR340 waveguide removalVacuumclosed22013-04-04 13:50:09
680246KujalaConnect transport tube in 1-bmb stationVacuumclosed32013-04-05 12:08:06
557198NareshNeed to remove transport tube in 1-bmbVacuumclosed32013-04-08 17:32:32
305155Evan Maxeyreestablish vaccum in beamline componentsVacuumclosed22013-04-11 13:46:45
753678John HoytITS Room PC Gun Waveguide InstallationVacuumclosed12013-04-22 08:34:34
307005Ian McNultyS34 polarizer - bellows to cleanVacuumclosed32013-05-13 10:27:25
958419Tim RobertsLeak CheckVacuumclosed22013-05-15 08:45:59
314878Donald WalkoLaser transport pipeVacuumclosed22013-05-15 10:05:59
309489Michael PapeLeak checkVacuumclosed22013-05-16 16:17:26
274711David BoughtonRemove equipment from tableVacuumclosed22013-05-22 08:36:20
715547Mark Erdmannmono bakeoutVacuumclosed22013-05-22 12:53:00
423336Ryan Montiel (ID: 58922)Vacuum setup for SPX Test StandVacuumclosed22013-06-03 10:45:07
508475Dean CarbaughpumpVacuumclosed22013-06-04 09:18:49
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