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Ticket #RequestorSubjectHelp TopicStatusPriorityCreated
487250Wayne Michalekclean gunVacuumclosed22015-02-13 14:04:05
871229Greg Banks11ID station C MS1Vacuumclosed22015-02-16 14:58:34
611402Greg Banks15ID B Safety shutter/Mono stop 1Vacuumclosed22015-02-16 15:01:36
695793Greg Banks12ID SS/MS1 Vacuumclosed22015-02-17 13:31:12
433784Greg Banks4ID D shutter MS2 faultVacuumclosed32015-02-24 07:23:33
177856Ray ConleyRGA testing on BLDC motorsVacuumclosed22015-02-24 21:52:01
319642John HoytReplace 3G3 RF Gun in LINAC tunnel at RG1 PositionVacuumclosed32015-02-26 07:46:23
462844Alex CoursL6 vacuum systemVacuumclosed22015-02-26 12:38:39
530620Quentin HasseChillerWaterclosed22012-07-17 08:29:43
211649John KatsoudasWater Hook upWaterclosed22012-07-24 12:50:52
652718Michael HuPipe LabelingWaterclosed32012-07-24 13:11:37
248607Ray ZieglerCompressed AirWaterclosed22012-07-31 09:07:18
952273Mark Quesinberry1/2" hoses neededWaterclosed22012-08-06 08:55:01
846523jeff collinsInstall Flow MeterWaterclosed22012-08-08 14:02:36
362887Mark QuesinberryHosesWaterclosed22012-08-13 08:51:48
152767Clay WhiteRelocate PipingWaterclosed32012-09-20 09:49:50
826746Doug RobinsonWater HeadersWaterclosed22012-09-26 14:33:39
294775Mike McDowellReplace viatran transmitter in 4ID-BWaterclosed32012-10-01 09:43:28
848988Richard HeurichDI Water to 435 B030Waterclosed32012-10-15 10:42:31
272246John KatsoudasDisplex water connectionWaterclosed22012-10-23 10:20:43
559579Mark ErdmannAdd PSS water line to minihutch in 1BMWaterclosed22012-11-07 08:28:25
198019Mike McDowellwater hoses for He compressorWaterclosed22012-12-04 13:30:39
501398Jeff Doolingclean chiller water system for PC Gun laser amplifier heads in 4Waterclosed22012-12-11 09:52:57
953450Nancy Lazarzwater to 13-ID-C backstopWaterclosed32013-01-07 13:36:29
971386Tim RobertsDI Water LinesWaterclosed32013-01-11 08:20:25
216000Dean WyncottDarkroom water filter leakWaterclosed22013-02-18 09:09:32
429442Lester ErwinWater skidWaterclosed22013-03-13 10:36:27
316511Lester ErwinSR water chamber skid 36Waterclosed22013-03-13 10:59:26
380662Jessica McChesneySlits need Hydrostatic test with new fittingsWaterclosed22013-03-18 16:05:13
684486Mark MartensWaveguide brazing supportWaterclosed22013-03-19 16:10:02
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