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BobWilsonwilson@aps.anl.govI was called in on Sunday July 21. I had to go up to the control room to get the key so I could get into our tech room. My keys and other items I need to perform my work are at my desk so I must have access to it. The first guy in the control room didn't even know what I was talking about when I asked him for the key. Luckily a second person walked in as I was about to leave and he knew about the key. This senerio took a little over 30 minutes of time after I arrived at the lab. The problem I was called in for was ours so I'm sure that our group is charged with this downtime for the user. I don't understand why I don't have access to my own work area. I only have it if I ask someone to let me in. The talk around the APS is how we are all in a budget crisis. I'm told that we are eventually getting a card reader on one of the doors but the cost of that is in the neighborhood of $6,000.00. Why do we not all just get keys? It would save thousands of dollars and time in the event we are called in during off hours.I agree with you Bob. The installation delay for a badge card reader is due to the required parts not being available. This has now been resolved (I think) and Scheck can now go forward with the installation. Thanks for your patience with this annoying situation.Geo2013-07-26 08:44:43
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