Management and/or Coordination of APS Site Work/Services

Work Entry Clearances

Page Steve Downey (4-1523), Ed Russell (4-1852), or Becky Tasker (4-1854) for specific information regarding our Work Entry Clearance process. They will guide you through the steps to ensure a safe working environment.

Utility Shutdowns

Building and Site Services Coordination works closely with all parties to ensure that everyone involved with or effected by the shutdown is aware of any scheduled activity. Page Steve Downey (4-1523), Ed Russell (4-1852), or Becky Tasker (4-1854) with any comments or concerns regarding utility shutdowns.

Telephone System

Contact Building Management (see Personnel) with any telephone questions or concerns such as repairs or phone orders, changes, and reconfigurations.


Page Steve Downey at 4-1523. Steve will schedule the Riggers accordingly.


Page Steve Downey at 4-1523 with any Stockroom concerns or requests.

Office Furniture Installation

Page Ed Russell at 4-1852. Ed will walk you through the steps of obtaining approval, selecting furniture and layouts, and scheduling installation.