Argonne Accelerator Institute Members

Zikri Yusof  
Phone: (630) 252-6280
E-mail address:
Division and group: HEP/Argonne Wakefield Accelerator Group

Areas of Research Interest

Cathodes for photoinjector, high-gradient accelerating structures, generation of high brightness electron beam, breakdown and multipactor in high-gradient structures.

Selected List of Publications

  • C. Jing, A. Kanareykin, J.G. Power, M. Conde, Z. Yusof, P. Schoessow, and Wei Gai, “Observation of Enhanced Transformer Ratio in Collinear Wakefield Acceleration”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 144801 92007).
  • J.G. Power, H. Wang, M.E. Conde, W. Gai, R. Konecny, W. Liu, and Z. Yusof, Transverse Beam Envelope Measurements and the Limitations of the 3-Screen Emittance Method for Space-Charge Dominated Beams, Nucl. Inst. Method A 546, 345 (2005).
  • Zikri M. Yusof, Manoel E. Conde, and Wei Gai, Schottky-Enabled Photoemission in a rf Accelerator Photoinjector – Possible Generation of Ultralow Transverse Thermal-Emittance Electron Beam, Phys. Rev. Lett. 93, 114801 (2004).
  • M.E. Conde, S. Antipov, W. Gai, C. Jing, R. Konecny, W. Liu, J.G. Power, H. Wang, and Z. Yusof, The Argonne Wakefield Accelerator Facility: Capabilities and Experiments, Proc. 11th Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop, Stony Brook, NY, 657 (AIP Conf. Proc. 2004).
  • J.G. Power, W. Gai, S.H. Gold, A.K. Kinkead, R. Konecny, C. Jing, W. Liu, and Z. Yusof, Observation of Multipactor in an Alumina-Based Dielectric-Loaded Accelerating Structure, Phys. Rev. Lett. 92, 164801 (2004).
  • M.E. Conde, W. Gai, C. Jing, R. Konecny, W. Liu, J.G. Power, H. Wang, and Z. Yusof, A New High Intensity Electron Beam for Wakefield Acceleration Studies, Proc. PAC 2003, 2032 (2003)